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108 Capsules Gray Labradorite

Gray Labradorite is a stone of adventure, magic, and protection. She is well known for activating para-psychic abilities and connecting to other worlds.

  • It is considered the stone of transformation because it balances all 7 Chakras and has a particular action on the 3rd eye, which awakens the intuitive abilities.
  • It calms the mind of people who think too much and strengthens faith in themselves and in life. It restores confidence in the universe. Wear this bracelet and you will feel a sense of excitement, positivity, and adventure.
  • Labradorite is also a real protection stone that is known to act as a shield. It dispels the evils, sorrows and other inharmonious energies.
  • It is also an excellent Meditation Stone,  it will help you to calm the "hubbub" of the mind. Try meditating with this Labradorite bracelet/necklace and you will notice that your mind will calm down more easily, allowing you to see your life path more clearly.



Characteristics :

  • Length of the bracelet: 60cm to wrap around the wrist
  • Elastic
  • The diameter of beads: 8mm
  • "Om" represents the most sacred sound of the Universe
  • Materials: Semiprecious Stones, Gray Labradorite (Larvikite)
  • Metals: Zinc alloy

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